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A pest problem in your home or business could mean disaster for everyone involved.

Not only is it a health risk for you and those you care about, but it can also damage your home and, in general, put the property and people on it at risk. We offer comprehensive pest control service so that you never have to worry about what could be hiding inside the walls, or feel threatened by a hoard of pests outside of your home or business. 

We put all your pest problems into the past, and help you prepare for a better future.

The Pest Control Expert

With the sole intention of providing the best pest control Melbourne could need, Bye Bye Pests set out to make an obvious difference to any home or building by engaging in result-oriented pest control services.

Interestingly, our name also emphasises on the point that we bid adieu to any and all types of pests that can be detrimental to life and property.

Our services include ongoing pest management services, pest treatment measures, inspections and more. For any service we are hired for, we implement a defined approach, evaluate what needs to be done to get rid of the pests and how to go about it in the best way. 

And yes, owing to many issues that pests present us with and the fact that they need to be exterminated so as to control their spread and infiltration, experienced and dependable pest control services like us are much sought-after these days.

Our Mission

To provide prompt, efficient, effective, eco-friendly and economical pest control services, for customers from the domestic and commercial sectors. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction every time and 100% pest eradication from your Melbourne home or commercial property.

Our Vision

Obtain commercial contracts and increase our customer base in a sustained and consistent manner Develop and sustain, ongoing long-lasting customer relations 

Offer state-of-the-art services and see to that we provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Bye Bye Pest Control

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Earth Friendly Solutions

Earth Friendly Solutions

Targeted Prevention

Targeted Prevention

Insured & Guaranted

Insured & Guaranted

We can offer:

Our Skills

our skills

To provide prompt, efficient, effective, eco-friendly
and economical pest control services, for
customers from the domestic and commercial

We provide Pest Control services to:

  • Residential sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Retail/grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and bars
  • Hotels
  • Childcare centers

pest control

We cater to and provide effective pest control service for your home and a wide variety of property types, including retail or grocery stores, restaurants, pubs and bars, hotels and childcare centres — whatever you can think of, and wherever creepy crawlies may end up.

We strive to provide the best Melbourne pest control experience possible, focusing on providing you with excellent customer service and tailored solutions that allow you to take control of the pests in your home. Our unique process allows us to create a unique pest control and prevention plan that keeps your home or business secure. 

When it comes to pest control, we know that time is of the essence. That’s why we ensure that we are at your property within 24 hours to tackle the problem, so that you never have to wait for the service you need. 

Get a free quote for your residential or commercial service today! 

Our process

For any pests you may have lingering around unwelcome, we have a simple three-step solution for optimal pest control:


We perform a complete assessment of your home, looking at where pests may gain entry, structural issues that may invite pests, and searching for any signs of past or current infestation.


This is the step that separates us from the pack: we work with you to implement a tailored pest control solution that is tailored to your needs, the needs of your property, and any other factors that need to be considered. We help you take control of your pest control solutions


After all pests are removed from your home or business, we perform regular monitoring and inspection to ensure that there is no chance of repeat offenders. With our help, your property should remain pest-free for the foreseeable future!


What kind of pests do we tackle?

Our pest control technicians are trained and equipped to handle a variety of pests that may infiltrate your home or business.


Even the cleanest of properties can be home to these little nuisances. And the longer you leave them, the more rodents there will be and the more damage that can be done.

A rodent infestation can spell disaster for businesses especially, putting your reputation and the health and safety of workers and customers in jeopardy. But, for any property, they can be a problem, spreading disease to your family and loved ones and 

If you have been hearing noises in the walls or ceiling of your home or business, chances are that you have rats or mice festering on your property. You might have tried traps, but most don’t work — or catch one or two, but do nothing for all the rest — and can often be cruel to the small creatures running amok.

We offer rodent control to Melbourne residential and commercial properties, ensuring that all of the rats or mice are taken care of in a humane, efficient and effective fashion. With a variety of tricks up our sleeve, we can make sure that there are no more worries regarding rodents on your property.

Termite inspections and termite infestations

Termites can be a terrible force of nature if left unchecked. With a ravenous appetite for wood and other materials inside your home or business and on your property, termites are responsible for more property damage than many natural disasters. Infesting one out of every five homes in Australia, they are responsible for beyond $100 million in damages per year, and can wreak irreparable havoc on a house in just 12 months. 

Experts recommend getting termite inspections once every 6 months to ensure that no termites have invaded your Melbourne home or business. And, if you want to meet the AS 3660 standards and get a product warranty, then it is mandatory to have a termite inspection in 12 months or a year’s time.

Our team is equipped to handle any termite terror, and to ensure the safety of your home and family. 

Other service

We take care of any type of pest that may be bugging you: bed bugs, insects and other small critters that may be overstaying their welcome in your home or business. If you have a problem you’re unsure we can tackle, call us today — we’ll give you expert advice on how to proceed, a free quote for our service and a guarantee that we will be at your doorstep within 2 hours.


Commercial pest control

Commercial pest control Melbourne

We specialise in commercial pest control. Melbourne businesses have trusted us to come up with prevention plans and to keep their properties pest free for years, and we use our three-step process to ensure that they can stay in business and keep doing what they love.

We know how important it is for you to keep pests out of your business — that’s why we help you kick them out, and keep them out for good with frequent monitoring and prevention plan tailored to your business’ needs.

For effective pest control Melbourne homeowners and businesses can count on

Our customer service is one of the facets that makes us stand out as Melbourne pest control experts. With a unique tailored approach to each of our clients and jobs, we can maximise your protection to ensure that it is right for you.

A cookie cutter solution may only keep some of the pests at bay, and you know your property best — that’s why we work with you, lending our expertise and guiding you through the process (and taking care of all the less pleasant bits). Service is our number one priority, so you know that we will do our best to make sure that you and your property are properly cared for. 

Don’t let pests control your life — get the trusted Melbourne pest controllers to help you today!

The longer you let pests ravage your home or business, the worse it will get. 

Call us today at +61 411 843 871 or send us a message — we’ll provide you with a free quote for your Melbourne pest control services and be at your property within 24 hours to handle the problem.