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Why Are Ants In My Home?

Ants are food forages and go searching far and wide to feed their families and entire colonies. Many ant species will build their nests outdoors and come inside homes looking for food. However, if they’re successful and find an excellent food source inside your home, they’ll most likely continue coming inside to get it. 

Their favourite foods are grease based or sugar-based. They’re also social insects and love their friends and families. Meaning, once they triumphantly find a food source, they leave a pheromone trail. Which is a distinctive smell so other ants can follow them and they’ll work together to retrieve it. 

Further to this, there are other ant species who once they find a food source inside will also build their nests close by. Meaning it no longer makes them permanent house guests they’ll now become residents. 

Successful Ant Control

  • Inspection – our expert team will arrive and assess the area and level of your ant problem.
  • Identification – This step involves our specialists identifying the ant species and then devising a targeted plan for the best way to proceed for controlling the ants. 
  • Treatment – After assessing, devising a strategy and discussing the options with you, we’ll begin the process of controlling your ant infestation problem. In a quick, effective and eco-friendly way. 

How Ants Cause Significant Problems In Your Home

Most ants won’t cause massive damage to your home, but the harm created does vary per species. Mostly ants are a nuisance and can cause an infestation in your food, which means it becomes spoiled, contaminated and unsafe for consumption. 

Ants are tiny insects and can build retreats in all sorts of nooks which are close to food areas such as, fridge insulation and gaps or crevises in cupboards. Which means if left uncontrolled, they’ll long continue to be a pest around all food products and the surrounding areas. 

Some species of ants, however, may build nests and tunnels in wood which if left untreated can create large scale structural damage. 

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How Do You Know If You Have An Ant Infestation Problem?

Have you spotted ants in your home? If so, you could have a more significant problem than you think. 

An initial sign of a likely plague problem is if you begin to see the occasional stray ants here and there walking throughout your home. This sign may sound harmless but believe it or not; you could most likely have a potential infestation. Marching ants means they’re trailing to leave a scent for other ants so they’ll be able to make their way to the root of the food quickly. Which means they’ve found a source in your home and before you know it the whole colony will make their way inside. 

Another sign of an ant problem is if you’ve noticed ants anywhere around food human or pet food. If so, then the ants will continue to keep coming back for more creating a more substantial scale problem. 

Finally, if you’ve spotted an ant nest, which resembles small piles of dirt with plenty of ants scurrying around, then this can become a massive problem. It may seem trivial but underneath this nest will be thousands of ants which before long could make their way into your home searching for food. 

So if you think you may have a possible ant problem, then you’ll want to keep your home and food safe from contamination. Contact the specialists in ant control from Bye Bye Pest control today to protect your home from ants.  

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