Bed Bug Pest Control In Melbourne

Bed bugs are a nuisance and cause serious hygiene problems to you and your property. They may not be known disease carriers like rodents but these parasites multiply in numbers fast and because they are so small, you might not even notice them until it’s too late.

At Bye Bye Pest in Melbourne, we will effectively treat your home or business so that it is free of bed bugs and unlikely to attract them again. We ensure that our methods used are safe for your bedroom and minimal in their impact on the environment.

We also provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to prevent new infestations from occurring. This is ideal for accommodation providers, travel and hospitality related commercial spaces as the cause of bed bugs is largely linked to travel and coming into contact with lots of different sites.

Have You Noticed These Bed Bug Signs?

Most of the time people will realise they have a bed bug infestation on their hands after someone has already experienced the problem and been bitten themselves. These are the physical signs of having a bed bug infestation.

  • Strange, musty smells around the bedroom (they stem from the bugs’ scent glands)
  • Small, unexplainable blood stains on bed sheets
  • Dark little spots on the bed, this is bed bug excrement and may resemble an ink stain
  • Dark coloured, tiny bed bug egg shells or shedded skins in areas
  • Live bed bugs in your bed, sheets, fabrics, wardrobes, upholstery, appliances etc
  • Bed bug bites, they will cause an itch may resemble mosquito bites or a rash

If you have seen any of the above, stop the problem in its tracks and contact our Melbourne bed bug pest control team immediately. We will treat the entire area and use only effective products that are safe and eco-friendly so as not to disturb you afterwards. After we have treated your space, you should ensure that all clothing, pyjamas or sheets in the affected rooms are thoroughly washed and disinfected.

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    Bed Bug Control

    Commercial Bed Bug Pest Control

    A bed bug infestation is a serious public health and safety concern for your Melbourne business. It’s a surefire way to spoil your reputation will lead to your business being shut down by any occupational health and safety inspector or auditor.

    If you have had an experience with bed bugs in your commercial property or enterprise, or are concerned about your commercial property being prone to bed bug and/or other insect infestations or have noticed any of the above warning signs, be sure to contact Bye Bye Pests in Melbourne immediately for commercial or industrial bed bug pest control services.

    We will provide you with the safest and most appropriate treatment solution for your situation that will also aid in preventing future re-occurrence of the infestation. Our team can also perform ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure you never experience a pet infestation at your commercial premises again. We treat all of the following commercial spaces:

    • Commercial sector
    • Hotels, Motels and accommodation providers
    • Bed & Breakfasts, Serviced Apartments & more
    • Industrial sector
    • Retail sector
    • Childcare centres
    • Health and wellness centres

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    Our bed bug pest control service costs will always vary depending on the severity of the infestation and according to the size and area of your building that needs treatment. An accommodation provider with hundreds of beds will require a much longer and more intensive pest management service than somebody’s home for example.

    To get a better idea of what you can expect in terms of cost and exactly what our bed bug pest control and management services will entail, give us a call or fill out our online form here for a free quote today.