Cockroach Pest Control In Melbourne

They are not just unpleasant to look at, cockroaches come with a host of health and hygeine risks and will only continue to breed and grow over time. If you are experiencing a cockroach problem in your Melbourne home or business, don’t let it turn into a serious infestation by taking too long to act. Contact the cockroach pest control experts at Bye Bye Pest and we will ensure that your space is cockroach-free and remains this way.

The Problems With Household Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches are drawn to food and can therefore contaminate stored food products with their waste, excrement and saliva. Cockroaches in your kitchen, bins and pantry can lead to food poisoning, nausea, diarrhea, and Staph infections from food contamination.
  • Cockroaches defecate and regurgitate on their food, they are capable of spreading serious diseases such as Salmonella.
  • Cockroaches are omnivorous, they can target and contaminate any food products you leave out.
  • If the infestation grows to be large and their food sources limited, they may start to consume other household items.
  • Cockroaches can trigger allergies and asthma.
  • They can contaminate your pet foods and living areas.
  • Although it is rare, they can bite especially if the infestation is larger and they have less food sources.

Don’t let any of the above occur in your home and contact Bye Bye Pest in Melbourne. We will effectively treat your home or business so that it is free of cockroaches and any other pests. We ensure that our methods used are safe and minimal in their impact on the environment. With Bye Bye Pests, you can keep cockroaches at bay for the long term as we provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to prevent new infestations from occurring. This is ideal for commercial clients or anyone living in areas prone to infestations.

Commercial Cockroach Pest Control

If you have spotted a cockroach in your place of work, commercial kitchen or commercial property, you absolutely do not want to take any chances. Everybody knows a cockroach in a kitchen is a surefire way to have your business shut down. It’s a major hygeine violation and poses serious Occupational Health and Safety risks.

So, the moment you suspect you have cockroaches in your workplace, contact our professional cockroach pest control team at Bye Bye Pests in Melbourne immediately for commercial or industrial services.

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We will provide you with the safest and most appropriate treatment solution for your situation that will also aid in preventing future re-occurrence of the infestation. Our team can also perform ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure you never experience a cockroach infestation at your commercial premises again.

We treat all of the following commercial spaces:

  • Commercial sector
  • Hotels, Motels and accommodation providers
  • Bed & Breakfasts, Serviced Apartments & more
  • Industrial sector
  • Retail sector
  • Childcare centres
  • Health and wellness centres

Free Quotes On Our Cockroach Pest Control Services

The cost of our cockroach pest control services will vary depending on the size, location and area of your building that needs treatment, the complexity of the job, teh residential, commercial or industrial status of the work, whether there are any other pests involved and whether we are dealing with multiple contaminated areas.

To get a better idea of what you can expect in terms of cost and exactly what our cockroach pest control and management services will entail, give us a call or fill out our online form here for a free quote today.

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