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Warning, pests in your home will cause significant damage and put you and your family at risk. 

Say goodbye to all kinds of nasty, pesky and creepy creatures terrorising your home today. Don’t let these rodents and insects cause significant damage to your home as well as put your family under severe health risks. Hire the masters in pest control in Hawthorn because there isn’t a creature we can’t get rid of, and better yet, make sure they don’t worm their way back in.

Pests in your home can make your life unbearable. You can’t live comfortably in your home with an impending fear of getting bitten, stung or worrying about contracting an illness. Or, worse yet, your precious family home being slowly eaten away by insects without your even knowing about it 

There are many types of household pests causing you potential damage, 

  • Rodents such as mice and rats
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Fleas 

If you’re like most people, you’re probably unaware of the damage these tiny critters can cause. They carry diseases and can damage property in your home at a rapid pace and on a larger scale than you could imagine. So, with any sign of these creatures crawling or running around your house, make sure you get on top of it immediately. Get pest control in your home before it gets out of control, so you can get your house and your family back to normal again.

Pest Control in Hawthorn

Bye, Bye Pests are the masters in pest removal in the Hawthorn area. Whether your home is a mansion, a studio apartment or a commercial property, we’re experts in solving your pest problem, fast. We service the Hawthorn area and are specialists in all property sizes. 

We provide pest control for, 

  • Residential homes 
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Retail and shops 
  • Restaurants 
  • Pubs
  • Bars 
  • Hotels
  • Childcare centres 

So, no matter the size of your cherished home or business, let Bye Bye Pests get your pest problem eradicated in a skilled, safe and straightforward way. 

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Pest Control For Rodents

Feel there are signs of mice or rats creeping around your home, causing damage? Or putting your family or staff at potential health risks? Well, if so you need a pest control immediately. Rats and mice are known disease carriers, and they’re able to make humans sick too. Furthermore, rodent droppings have links to being an asthma trigger in children. 

Don’t let these tiny creatures terrorise your premises anymore. 

Rats and mice breed fast, so if you see signs of them in your house, get on it early because an inundation problem can happen before you know it. Look for signs of droppings and marks or scratches around your skirting boards or walls. Keep an ear out for sounds as both rodents like to gnaw and chew on almost everything. So, if you hear scratching sounds, then be sure to call for pest control immediately. 

Pest Control For Flies

Live in Hawthorn and have a fly problem? You’re not alone because flies are an Australian annoyance. 

If you have a fly inundation, you must nip it in the bud fast because flies are dirty and will cause your premises harm. Flies have a reputation for being unhygienic, and if you’re running a food establishment with a fly problem, then this is shameful for your business. Flies land everywhere and therefore they transport all sorts of diseases from animals to humans and back again. With some of these carried diseases being detrimental to human health if contracted. 

As a professional pest control service, we’ll come into your home or premises and search for their breeding ground and put a stop to the spread of the flies. We’re trained at identifying all fly species, and we’re skilled at safely removing them. 

Pest Control For Cockroaches 

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably cringing by merely reading the word cockroach. As much as they’re a hated pest they’re also spreaders of diseases so, to protect your home or premises in Hawthorn you need them eradicated. 

Cockroaches are usually night creatures, but due to the abundance of them, they’re starting to annoy humans during sunlight hours too. Cockroaches love to walk, and as they’re moving from gardens and dirt, through to sewers and filth, they’re then bringing this into our homes. 

Don’t let cockroaches destroy your home or bring their diseases in, get an expert today to protect your home or business from serious health risks. 

Pest Control For Wasps

Ouch! Wasps are probably the nastiest of Australian pests, when disturbed they become aggressive and will terrorise you and your family. 

Wasps love to build nests, and they often use you home to do so. How? Because they chew the wood from your home and mix it with their saliva to make it into a nest. Wasps also love building their nests close to humans, so it’s easy for you to disturb a wasp nest. Once disturbed, wasps show dominant, aggressive behaviour while trying to protect their nests. 

Do not try to remove a wasp nest yourself, wasp stings can be severe and put you in danger. So, if you’re in Hawthorn and you have a wasp nest around then get professional pest control immediately so your home can go back to being safe again. 

Pest Control For Spiders

The infamous 8 legged creature which probably gives you the creeps? Don’t worry because you’re not alone. All types of Australian spiders are a pest. It’s not only the giant spiders which are scary, but the tiny ones are also too. They’re dangerous because they cause a significant risk to humans if bitten. 

As there are thousands of species of Australian spiders crawling around, we’re home to the world’s most dangerous, it’s best to let the experts correctly identify the arachnoid so you can be protected appropriately. 

Pest Control For Fleas 

As like most Aussie pests, one flea can become a complete home inundation before you know it. Don’t blame your beloved pets but unfortunately, they are the flea carrier because the insect makes itself at home in your dog or cat’s fur. If you spot fleas in your home, you must protect your family from nasty bites which can trigger allergic reactions. Call for pest control immediately before the problem is out of control. 

If you live in Hawthorn and are experiencing the start of a pest problem, don’t wait because it can get out of control faster than you can imagine.

So, protect your family, home or business immediately and don’t put anyone’s health at risk or your home in danger.