Infestations to Keep an Eye Out For This Winter Season

It is important to treat your home to the right insect repellent and sprays throughout the year. Pesky infestations can heave a lot of havoc on your health and can cause a lot of property damage. It is much harder to clear up an extensive insect infestation than it is to maintain constant pest control throughout the year.

Insects and pests, like all other creatures on earth, follow a slightly different pattern during the cold winter seasons. There are some insects that become more active during winter times while others slow down, hibernate and shelter seeking during the cold months.

Now that winter has arrived, you need to be on the lookout for specific pest types that could be invading your property during winter. Here are the most common pests that you can expect in and around your home this winter.

Rodents, Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are much more annoying during the winter time because they are warm-blooded animals that need protection from the cold outside. These pests are terribly annoying because they can carry harmful diseases, they can cause home fires by damaging your wiring. They are especially likely to cause home damage during winter because this is the time where they collect all sorts of materials with which to build their nests. Rats and mice love to nests in any voids, sheds, cabinets, in rooftops and old vehicles.


Roaches are the toughest insects in existence. These bugs will pest you all year round and during winter time. They love to infest areas with food sources such as food cabinets and kitchens but are not shy in other areas of the house such as the garage at all. Roaches may seem harmless but they do carry germs and viruses around their bodies.


Termites are active all year round and are very likely to attack your property during a local draught in the winter time. There aren’t as much food sources available in nature and wood elements in your garden or home are always attractive for these destructive creatures. Termites are pretty hard to spot early on. They love to nest underneath houses and wood piles and are known to sneak inside homes for warmth.


Ants love to hide underneath boxes, wood piles, inside cabinets and other areas of your home or property during winter. They use these areas for sheltering and to lay their eggs. While these colonies won’t be too much trouble during winter since they hoard food during summer, they still need to be taken care off because the colony will grow big and active as soon as spring arrives.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug pest control Melbourne are always active and these infestations can be quite unexpected. These insects can spread by hitching a ride on anything including packages, purses, clothing and more. They infest your room and can cause all sorts of skin rashes and bite marks since they fest on blood and dead skin.

Overwintering Pests

Overwintering pests includes a number of different creatures including pigeons, moths, beetles, ladybugs, stink bugs and more. These bugs usually hide out in your home during winter time as they are seeking to shelter from the cold. They can cause quite a lot of mess inside your home and many of these pests such as moths can be quite destructive to linen and fabrics.

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