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If you’re like most people, then you understand how rats and mice can become pesky when they’re inundating your home. Further to this, they can cause harm to you and your family. Don’t put your family at risk. If you see any early signs of rodents in your home, then hire a rat exterminator in Kings Park immediately.

Rat Exterminator In Kings Park 

When you have a rat problem in your home, you need to hire a rat exterminator to protect your family. Rats can become a problem because they like to establish themselves in your home. This can lead to the tiny rodents causing significant damage, contamination of foods in your house, and they can also put your family at risk of severe health problems. Bye, Bye Pests are the rat exterminator specialists in Kings Park, and we act fast to keep your family safe. 

Rats are classified as a nuisance because of their ability to carry and spread diseases. They also breed rapidly and adapt to all environments, which means once they’ve made your house their home, then they’re impossible to get rid of yourself. 

How do I know if I need a rat exterminator?

Even though rats are pesky creatures terrorising your home, they only do so at night. They’re actually quite timid critters and will hide from humans during the day, so It’s easier to spot their signs of damage than the rat itself. If you have an indication of any of the below, contact Bye Bye Pests Kings Park immediately to protect your home from any further damage. 

Open your ears

Can you hear scratching noises? Scurrying sounds? Then you need a rat exterminator now. These sounds can be coming from either your roof, yes rats are great climbers, or, these sounds can come from inside your home. Such as hearing sounds from under tables, footsteps on floorboards or scratching sounds on the walls. 

Rats also make a unique sound because they’re teeth grinders. This specific sound is known as bruxing and is very distinct once you hear it. 

Rats don’t have good eyesight, so they’re going to be scurrying around and scratching at surfaces a lot meaning you’ll know they’re in your home. 

Open your eyes

It’s easy to see when rats have inundated your home because they’ll leave signs of their existence. Droppings are the number one sign. They’re small as a grain of rice, are brown in colour and rats produce around 40 droppings per night. So, you’ll spot them quickly once they’re popping all around the home. 

Rats also leave rub marks on surfaces. As they have poor eyesight, they’ll leave rub marks along your walls and skirting boards because they’re trying to feel their way around. These smears tend to hang around a while so if you’re home is in Kings Park this is a good indication you need to call a rat exterminator immediately.

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Is a mouse problem the same at a rat problem?

Bye Bye Pests are also specialist in mice control for you home in Kings Park.

Mice are good breeders, and so, once they’ve made your home theirs, you’ll need quality mouse control, fast. They’ll multiply quickly, and with so many of them in your home, they can cause significant damage and fast. Mice are brilliant chewers, and they’ll gnaw their way through all sorts of household objects. 

Mice also produce a lot of droppings, and they’ll leave these behind everywhere. Causing potential health risks to your family because the droppings will contaminate food and other materials in your home. 

One significant health risk is mice droppings are linked to being a potential asthma trigger in children.

Get Mice Control, Today

Is your home in Kings Park? and you believe you have a mouse problem? Well, call Bye Bye Pests today and get our expert and safe mice control service so you can protect your home and your family too. Not only are mice destructive, but the tiny critters have been the cause of house fires from chewing through electrical cables. 

Don’t put your home at risk, call Bye Bye Pests now and protect your family with expert mice control and a professional job done by the most experienced rat exterminators in Kings Park. 

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