The Best Ways to Keep Spiders under Control in Your Building

Spiders are some of the creepiest creatures in existence. Just the sight of those 8 furry legs, beady eyes, and sharp fangs are enough to send a chill down your spine. But now wisecracks claim that you will eat approximately 8 spiders in your sleep in your life.

What is really scary about spiders though, is their bite. Many of these creatures are venomous and their bites can cause agony, terrible scarring or can even result in death if you get bitten by the wrong type.

What Spiders to Fear in Australia

In Australia, we have quite a few venomous spiders to look out for. The 5 most venomous spiders include the following:

  • Trapdoor spiders – cause localised pain, nausea, lethargy and malaise.
  • The Mouse spider – Found outdoors all over Australia and is very venomous
  • Redback spider – These are life-threatening to children and are responsible for about 2000 bites every year
  • Funnel-web spider – This is the second most venomous spiders in Australia and is typically found in Queensland and Northern New South Wales
  • Sydney Funnel Web spider – This is the most toxic and venomous spider in Australia with fangs bigger than those of brown snake. These fangs can easily bite through toenails. Their venom attacks your nervous system and alters the function of all organs.

While these are the worst of spiders in Australia, I think that we can all agree that all of these creatures are pretty scary and you just don’t want them in your house. Spiders are not just venomous and dangerous, they can also spin annoying webs that can make your prebuilding seem untidy.

Keep Spiders Away With the Help of Bye Bye Pest Control

There are quite a few home remedies you can try to keep spiders out of your house but these remedies are not just difficult to use, they aren’t very effective. The best way to keep your building safe and spider free is by getting the help of Bye Bye Pest Control.

We can effectively treat your home or business for spiders as well as for a number of other insects. With our pesticides, your spider infestations will become a thing of the past virtually overnight and your property will be protected for many months to come.

We can apply spider control Melbourne in a number of different sectors including commercial sectors, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, industrial sectors, retail sectors, childcare, and wellness centers.

Our pesticides are highly effective yet won’t affect the health or safety of people entering the environment at all.

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Spiders Away

If you have your heart set on trying DIY home remedies or want to do everything in your power to keep your property spider free then you are welcome to give the following methods a try:

  • Burn Essential Oils – Strong essential oils such as peppermint oil acts as a natural spider repellent. You can also try diffusing tea-tree oil, lavender oil, rose oil or cinnamon oil. These oils also smell great and are very calming to those that struggle with arachnophobia.
  • Vinegar – Spray corners, cracks, and shelves in your building with a mixture of vinegar and water. But remember to avoid varnished surfaces since vinegar can cause damage to these areas.
  • Clean more often – Clean more effectively in those hard to reach areas where spiders are most likely to build their nests and keep your property clutter-free at all times in order to prevent nesting.
  • Plant a eucalyptus tree – A eucalyptus tree will make your property smell wonderful and can help reduce spider infestations.

If these natural remedies still don’t work then you can always give Bye Bye Pest Control a call. Our pesticides are wonderful for keeping your building spider free and will also repel other types of dangerous insects.