Why Early Spring Is the Best Time for Pest Control

Springtime is finally here and we just couldn’t be happier. The warmer weather makes it much easier to step out of the house to have some fun in the sun or to start working on healthier bodies by enjoying more outdoorsy activities.

On the other hand, the warmer weather also brings more insect activity about. This is the time where most insects start to hatch or arise from their winter hideouts. Where you could enjoy a nice and peaceful mealtime in winter, it will now be much harder to keep flies out of your food. Lots of other pests such as ants, termites,rice, cockroach control Melbourne and more also become a lot more active in early spring and can cause property damage when these infestations get out of hand.

It is important to get pest control early spring because early pest control measures will offer you the most benefits long-term. Here are the top reasons to include pest control in your spring cleaning routine this year.

1. It Is Spring Cleaning Season

It is always best to get pest control right after spring cleaning your property. All of the dead waste is removed from your garden, pressure washing flushes out lots of nests and we all love to toss out lots of items that cluster garages during spring cleaning. 

Once your property is spring cleaned, you should call a reliable pest control provider for routine maintenance so all surfaces will be treated. When your surfaces are cleaned and treated you create a protective barrier all over your property and prevent insects and pests from entering. 

2. Prevent Hatching

Pesticides will keep pests under control because lots of insect eggs that lay dormant all winter long will begin to hatch. Good pesticides will prevent these eggs from hatching and will diminish the insect population dramatically.

3. Kill Dormant Infestations

During wintertime, lots of trees shed their leaves. These fallen heaps of leaves and green waste create ideal shelters for insects during winter. With good pest control, you can wipe out these infestations before they start to multiply in the warmer weather.

4. Reduces Pest Numbers

Lots of insects grow during wintertime and emerge as full-grown adults in early spring. It is important to keep adult insects under control because they will soon start to multiply. Pest control reduces the number of adult insects and keeps your property clean and safe.

5. Enjoy Your Meals In Peace

As it becomes warmer, more and more flies will emerge to annoy you during meal times. They love to lay their eggs during the warmer seasons and will soil all of your open food sources. Pest control is instrumental when it comes to controlling flies so you can dine without annoying zooming about your head. 

6. Sleep Better

Pest control keeps insects out of your bedroom and kills off insects such as dust mites that might annoy you during the night. Pesticides also kill off mosquitoes that can be so annoying during the night. 

When your bedroom is clean and safe you can get much better quality sleep. 

7. Enjoy a Cleaner Home

Pests can be quite tedious during springtime and can make a mess of your home, especially if you leave a light on at night. With pest control, these creatures are less likely to target your home during night time so you can leave the lights on without having to struggle with a huge infestation.

8. Enhanced Safety

Lots of insects in your home tend to attract dangerous insects and reptiles. With pest control, there isn’t quite as much for these dangerous pests to eat and your family will be much safer. 

Want to get pest control for your home? Give Bye Bye Pests a call right now for a quick and effective service in Melbourne. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy a peaceful, safe and clean home environment without all the struggles.